Nanomechanical Testing

Nanomechanical Testing Probes

Highest quality nanomechanical and nanotribological probes available

Supporting the Highest Quality Test Results

The highest quality nanomechanical test instrumentation requires the highest quality nanomechanical testing probes. Test results can only be as good as the probes that are used. All Bruker probes are designed to pass a through a comprehensive quality assurance check - a process that involves a combination of mechanical property measurement validation on established reference sample materials, in-situ SPM imaging of residual nanoindentation impression to qualify probe geometry and consistency, and a high-resolution optical inspection.

Probes for any application

Bruker stocks a variety of standard test probes for fast delivery when your institution needs it. All Hysitron instrument probe sales are backed by highly responsive Applications Scientists and Engineers to help you select the best probe for your application or design a custom probe geometry for your testing needs. All probes are subjected to strict quality standards and are guaranteed to be compatible with your Bruker transducer.