Nanomechanical Testing


Reciprocating tribological characterization at the nanoscale
3D plotting window enables visualization of results with a color coding option. Mean friction over all data points is instantly given in 2D graph format for both scanning directions. Sub-region and linear analysis pop-up plots show quantitative values for instant data analysis and are created using a simple click, point or drag option. Quantitative values are given on the screen for each analysis mode.

Bruker’s TriboImage enables feedback-controlled cyclic nanoscale scratch/wear characterization on thin films and localized surface structures. Utilizing Bruker’s two-dimensional capacitive transducer technology, high sensitivity friction maps are acquired as a function of number of cycles, applied normal force, wear depth, and lateral displacement. By sliding a scratch probe in a reciprocating motion while continuously monitoring the force and displacement in the normal and lateral directions, a quantitative nanoscale analog comparable to the deformation mechanics of traditional tribometer experiments can be performed.