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Bruker's specialized equipment can detect evidence long after it is no longer visible to the human eye. Our instrument's cover illegal drug analysis, fiber and paint chip characterization, tracing gun shot residue and much more.
Our power in forensics

Analytical Tools for Forensic Science​

Bruker's analytical tools can detect evidence long after it is no longer visible to the human eye, with instrumentation that covers illegal drug analysis, fiber, glass fragment and paint chip characterization, gunshot residue and much more. 


Our product lines make the collection, analysis and preservation of forensic evidence simpler by providing the ability to extract the most information from the smallest sample while at the same time preserving the maximum amount for further tests.

Choose your Forensics Application

Art & Document Forgery

The ability to accurately characterize inks, pigments and other materials enables fakes and frauds to be distinguished from authentic items. Bruker's range of micrometric analytical solutions: counterfeit currency​, document fraud​, altered historic manuscripts​, fake and fraudulent artworks​.

Criminal Forensics

Detect evidence long after it is no longer visible to the human eye. Our instruments cover a wide range of forensic analysis applications from illegal drug analysis to gun shot residue, as well as:​ fiber analysis, vehicle paint characterization​, bullet & cartridge matching​, fingerprint analysis. ​

Environmental Forensics

Detection and characterization of materials in the natural environment for the purposes of forensic analysis requires accurate analysis at low levels. Use Bruker analytical tools for:​​ detection and finger-printing of toxic discharges​, analysis of plant material for resides​, forensic soil and mineral analysis.

Forensic Drug Analysis

Positive identification of illicit drugs and other substances, and detection in body fluids or as residues from surfaces is an important part of law enforcement. Bruker analytical solutions include: designer drug identification, harm prevention, drug analysis in body fluids​ and cannabis testing.

Glass Analysis

Rapid, non-destructive analysis of glass fragments from crime scenes and related locations allow crime scene investigators to build a complete picture of events. We provide: ​accurate compositional characterization​, positive identification of glass types​, comparative glass analysis.

Gunshot Residue

Residues from the discharge of firearms are deposited on skin, clothes or other surfaces, can be important evidence. Bruker compositional mapping solutions allow: compositional characterization of residues​, accurate evidence and test shot comparison​, particle analysis, gun shot distance determination​.