Learn how Bruker’s customized and advanced analytical solutions in proteomics help identify potential new drugs for successful treatment and diagnosis.

Quantitative Proteomics

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Proteins are implicated in all living organism processes. Their complex structure, interactions dynamics in concentration, degradation, or modification make the study of their actions and relationships a considerable challenge. Proteomics is about identifying, quantifying, and characterizing the protein content of an organism, an organ, a subcellular fraction, or even of a more purified subset of proteins. The final goal of proteomics is to help decipher the puzzle of life to gain efficiency in the design of the next-generation cures, diagnosis tools, or biotechnological advances.


As the proteome is far more complex than was ever expected at the genesis of the proteomics revolution, it requires novel and complementary approaches to enable reliable analysis of protein and protein identification. Bruker is providing the tools to successfully address these new challenges:

The impact II™ comes with the unique Instant Expertise™ software features and the brand new CaptiveSpray nanoBooster™ to achieve unknown levels in the combination of performances, ease of use, and robustness. The amaZon speed, equipped with the industry’s most robust and sensitive ETD, offers unrivalled capabilities for PTM Discovery. The MALDI FLEX series are the flexibility champions, capable of on-tissue biomarker discovery as well as full glycopeptide analysis or high-speed, wide mass range Top-Down analyses.


All the instrument’s capabilities are magnified by the ProteinScape bioinformatics suite, which gives them all the potential to transform efficiently the generated data into useful knowledge.