Bruker Nano Analytics presents:

Practical RoHS Compliance Screening with micro-XRF

On-demand session - 54 minutes

Screening of Hazardous Elements with micro X-ray Fluorescence

Designed for fast and cost-efficient operation, the M1 MISTRAL combines the powerful micro-XRF technique with an ease of operation for industrial quality control, coating thickness analysis and screening of hazardous elements.

Micro-XRF technique is widely used to monitor various critical elements within a production process or incoming material inspection. The one key XRF application is to verify the compliance of electrical products and other consumer products with regulations such as EU RoHS 2 directive, CPSIA, and others. These regulations define the maximum allowed limit of hazardous elements for different consumer products and electronics. The micro-XRF technique provides a unique combination of measurement precision and ease of use that helps to ensure that the product is environmentally safe.

This webinar provides an overview of how micro-XRF can help to ensure regulatory compliance and how the level of sample preparation impacts data quality and measurement precision. It is also reviewed how micro-XRF can be used as part of the reasonable testing program for regulatory compliance and how to perform RoHS screening according to the IEC 62321 RoHS XRF testing method.

This webinar is a practical follow up from our previous restricted element screening webinar, a recording of the previous webinar can be found here.

There will be a 15 minute Q&A session where our experts will answer your questions.

Getting answers according regulations about restricted elements with XRF strongly depends on the sample preparation level.
With the M1 MISTRAL benchtop Micro-XRF spectrometer contaminations of a wide range of restricted elements can be analyzed regardless of the sample type.

Who Should Attend?

  • Quality control specialists checking incoming material and final products for restricted elements (consumer goods, medical equipment, electronics etc.)
  • Personnel of consumer safety agencies and testing laboratories for regulatory compliance


Falk Reinhardt

Senior Application Scientist Micro-XRF, Bruker Nano Analytics

Robert Erler

Product Manager Micro-XRF, Bruker Nano Analytics