Micro-XRF Spectrometers


Non-contact micro-XRF Scanning Spectrometer

Fast Scanner for Large Areas

Flexible and Mobile micro-XRF Scanner

Large area scanning
CRONO can be programmed to scan a large area
Travel speed
Fast scanning of multiple elements simultaneously
Smallest collimator option
Resolves fine structure details

Mobile Solution for Fast Element Mapping

The Bruker CRONO is easy to operate and reveals the crucial secrets of the object at which it is aimed. The optimal focus distance of 5 – 7 mm from the sample allows for non-contact measurement and is non-invasive and completely non-destructive. No sample preparation is required. Almost flat areas as large as 600 mm by 450 mm can be scanned.

The motorized frame can be setup with or without the support trolley in any orientation or easily be dismantled for transportation. The Bruker CRONO can be turned into a portable spot XRF spectrometer by installing the measurement head on a light tripod. Therefore the Bruker CRONO is ideal for on-site measurements.

High resolution optical images are recorded with an internal camera for each data point in addition to the XRF data. The Bruker CRONO can be equipped to with a He purging system to extend the range of detectable elements as far as Na (Z = 11) to U (Z = 92). The Bruker CRONO micro-XRF spectrometer is equipped with several X-ray filters to optimize the excitation conditions for specific applications.

A spectrum or a map can be recorded with the CRONO software. The automatic peak ID provides a quick visual indication of elements in a sample. The interface shows the spectrum and the element concentration while the acquisition is running. Data interpretation is easy with the overlay of the optical images and the XRF data.
The powerful data processing software ESPRIT Reveal offers many options for the offline analysis. No instrument connection is required for post-processing.

Key facts

  • flexible, mobile system
  • non-contact measurement
  • non-invasive and non-destructive
  • no sample preparation required
  • easy measurement point monitoring
  • detects a large range of elements: Na (Z = 11) to U (Z = 92)
  • overlay of elemental distribution and optical images

Why do I need a CRONO?

"What is the composition of the paint? Is the paint typical for the artist or this epoch? Is there another layer of paint hidden below the surface?"
These questions are in the spotlight when it comes to art and conservation, as well as authentication. But the principle is not limited to paintings. Details on the origin of manufacturing of all types of artwork (objects of cultural heritage) are revealed by x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis a completely non-destructive method.

The Bruker CRONO is an open beam system for point measurements or area scans to retrieve the distribution of multiple elements at the same time. Objects as large as 600 mm by 450 mm can be scanned in a single mesurement. Larger areas can be scanned in multiple mesurements. Recording the XRF spectrum on an area this large is also termed macro-XRF or MA-XRF.

For the analysis of the local distribution of elements transportation of valuable artwork such as paintings or historic artifacts to the laboratory can be avoided. The Bruker CRONO is a mobile micro-XRF spectrometer.

Technical details

  • Rh-target X-ray tube, 10 – 50 kV, 5 – 200 μA, 10 W 
  • Four software selectable X-ray filters
Analysis range
  • Na (Z = 11) to U (Z = 92),
  • Light element capable down to Na with optional He purge 


  • Large area 50 mm² SDD with CUBE technology 
  • Energy resolution <140 eV for Mn Kα with input count rate of up to 500,000 cps              
  • Motorized XYZ frame with a scanning range of 600 mm x 450 mm x 75 mm with a speed of up to 42 mm/s
  • Tiltable trolley between -20° and +90°, up to 220 cm height



  • Three software selectable collimators, typically 0.5 mm, 1 mm, and 2 mm diameter                      
Dimensions and weight
  • Measurement head - W x D x H: 280 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm, weight 3 kg 
  • XYZ frame - 950 mm x 250 mm x 750 mm, ~ 15 kg
  • Trolley - 1.200 mm x 610 mm x 900 mm, ~ 50 kg