Dynamic Fat Crystallization an Innovative Application for the Rapid Characterization of Fats and Fat Mixtures in the Chocolate Industry

Chocolate producers and suppliers of fats and fat mixtures to the chocolate industry are often under the pressure to decide within the shortest time after the arrival of a new shipment, if the crystallization behavior of the fat or fat mixture matches the requirements of the respective product. The problem they face is that the sample preparation usually takes a lot more time than decision-makers have.

Based on these requirements, Bruker has developed the Dynamic Fat Crystallization Analysis of Fats and Mixtures application. Within two hours, it enables the operator to obtain a crystallization pattern of fat on a timeline by measuring the fat content. Thereby, the initial crystallization, the main crystallization step and the final Solid Fat Content will be available to users in a fraction of the time usually needed. The control of crystallization is important in food products like chocolate, as it determines properties like mouthfeel, appearance and shelf life.

Due to the fast application, QC managers at factories can decide if the delivered fat is acceptable and unloaded or rejected, or if fat or mixtures are used for filling or covering applications.

What to Expect

The webinar attendees will obtain detailed instructions on how to use the new application. Our experts will demonstrate the simple operation using the Minispec mq20 also for NMR non-specialists.

Key Topics

The Dynamic Fat Crystallization Analysis offers the following Benefits:

  • Rapid dynamic crystallization analysis of fats and mixtures in a maximum of 2 hours including sample preparation
  • Increased raw material quality leading to increased product quality
  • Easy to use by NMR non-specialists - Minimal requirements regarding site and infrastructure and no chemical preparation needed

Who Should Attend?

The Webinar on The Dynamic Fat Crystallization is primarily aimed at Chocolate producers and suppliers of fats (for example cocoa butter) and fat mixtures to the chocolate industry, as well as similar industries making use of chocolate products. It is not needed to be an NMR expert


Dr. Rance Kwamen

Application Development Manager

Dr. Rance Kwamen is an application development manager at Bruker BioSpin, focusing on the development of novel magnetic resonance methods for industrial applications including food, feed and beverages, health care, and automation systems. Rance is available for your R&D and QC/QA application developments. You can email rance.kwamen@bruker.com to contact Rance.