Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (SC-XRD)


The standard for quality. The D8 QUEST is a single X-ray source configuration for chemical crystallography and structural biology.

Structures in minutes

All-air-cooled configurations

The compact solution for single wavelength experiments

up to 140 cm²
large active area detector
For fast and highly efficient data collection
>70 %
of all published structures from 2019-2021
From the market leader in crystallography
<7 µm
sphere of confusion
Samples stay centered for best data quality

D8 QUEST - a Pioneering Concept with Flexibility and Modularity

The D8 QUEST is a compact solution designed for single wavelength experiments that features the revolutionary PHOTON III detectors bringing 4th generation free-electron laser detector technology to your home lab. The systems offer high experimental flexibility, with good accessibility and sample visibility, in a small-foot-print enclosure.

It is engineered with high modularity from best-in-class components and is available in all-air-cooled configurations. The D8 QUEST offers solutions that will exactly match your research needs - best structures guaranteed.

  • PHOTON II detector with CPAD technology
  • PHOTON III photon counting detector with mixed mode technology
  • Sealed tube X-ray sources
  • IµS 3.0 and IµS DIAMOND II microfocus X-ray sources
  • Advanced, TUEV certified safety enclosure
  • FIXED-CHI or KAPPA four-axis goniometer
  • APEX5 - the most comprehensive software suite for chemical crystallography
  • PROTEUM5 - now with data processing pipeline for structural biology
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