Light-Sheet Microscopes

Photomanipulation Module

Manipulate biological processes with laser-light precision

The ability to spatiotemporally control, manipulate, and alter biological processes has provided a profound impact on life science research over the past decade. The Photomanipulation Module (PM) can be used for advanced experiments in:

  • Photoablation

  • Uncaging

  • Photobleaching

  • Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP)

  • Optogenetics

  • Cauterization

The Photomanipulation Module is an add-on module that supports fiber coupling various lasers (continuous visible to pulsed infrared) with the detection objectives of Bruker SPIMs. The photomanipulation laser is coupled into the detection objective lens to create a diffraction-limited illumination spot. Its size is determined by the properties of the detection objective lens.

A 2D scanner is fully integrated in the acquisition software, enabling the illumination spot to be freely positioned in 3D within the sample during imaging. Complex illumination regions (point, circle, square, straight, and freeform line) are either part of the experimental workflow or can be defined interactively during 3D imaging experiments.

▲ The Photomanipulation Module provides a variety of excitation schemes.