Nanomechanical Testing

Hysitron XPM

Quantitative, ultrahigh-speed mechanical property mapping

500x Faster Nanoindentation

Bruker’s XPM sets a new industry standard in terms of nanomechanical testing throughput paired with measurement resolution and accuracy. With XPM, more data can be taken in a single afternoon than could be collected in an entire year using traditional nanoindentation methodologies. These exclusive performance capabilities are made possible by the coupling of three industry-leading Hysitron technologies: a high bandwidth electrostatically actuated transducer, fast control and data acquisition electronics, and top-down in-situ SPM imaging. These synchronized technologies can perform 6 nanoindentation measurements per second to achieve comprehensive quantitative nanomechanical property maps and property distribution statistics in a record amount of time.

Rapid mapping with robust mechanical property distribution statistics

Ceramic matrix composite modulus map composed of 400 measurements in 67 seconds (left). Ceramic matrix composite modulus distribution statistics (right).

Nanomechanical testing was specifically developed to measure highly localized mechanical properties. Arrays of individual measurements can be spatially arranged and plotted to generate maps of mechanical property gradients across a surface. Conservatively, a traditional nanoindentation measurement takes ~90 seconds and a 20x20 array would take 10 hours to complete. Utilizing Bruker’s new Hysitron XPM ultra-fast property mapping, this same data set can be compiled in only 1.1 minutes!