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Connecting your Detectors with CBRNet®

CBRNet® is a networked system in which sensor instruments are digitally linked to your key decision makers and to professional CBRNe advisers. Decision makers will have access to a real time Recognised CBRNe Picture of your operation, showing the location of your sensors, the data they are collecting and the way they are performing, all supporting the ability to make quick, accurate decisions.

The data from CBRNe sensors is brought into SafeZone via the Internet, thus allowing you to access it wherever you need. At all stages it is fully protected so that it guarantees high confidence levels in measures of availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality and non- repudiation.

CBRNet® enables the exchange of data between your operations rooms and deployed CBRNe sensors, using the dedicated information system, SafeZone. At the front-end, data collected by your instrument detectors passes over whatever tactical communications system you choose. The networking technology allows for the use of mobile telephony, terrestrial and satellite radios and can harness the power of Bluetooth and WiFi connections. These advanced communication technologies are provided by Cubic Mission Solutions, world leaders in the industry and widely used by NATO special forces and government agencies.

Central Monitoring, Advice & Global Incident Capability

CBRNe expert support is provided by CBRNet® staff from our Headquarters in Leipzig, Germany, and Billerica, USA, world centres of scientific excellence. The CMAGIC® operational facilities (OF) provide constant cover with access to scientific and technical advice, as well as training and fleet management expertise.

CBRNet® utilises an open, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in order to ensure that you can, if you wish, easily interface its output to your existing command systems.