ALPHA II Diamond Analyzer

The ALPHA II Diamond Analyzer is an affordable tool for the identification and type classification of diamonds.

  • Automated diamond detection and type classification
  • Detection of imitates
  • Screening HPHT-color enhanced colorless diamonds
  • Screening synthetic colorless diamonds
  • Reliable results within a minute
  • Wide range of shapes and sizes allowed
  • Easy to use
  • No sample preparation
  • Low running costs

Since the upcoming of synthetic diamonds and quality enhancement treatments for both natural and synthetic stones there is an increasing demand for analytical techniques that deliver more information about the stone than just the differentiation between diamonds and imitates.

Knowledge about the diamond type is very important, for instance for the identification of potential candidates that can be subjected to high pressure high temperature (HPHT) treatment or for the detection of synthetic stones.

The method of choice for the assignment of the different diamond types is IR spectroscopy. Bruker in collaboration with HRD-Antwerp is offering the ALPHA II Diamond Analyzer which allows even spectroscopically untrained users to measure and classify a diamond in less than a minute.


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