CaptiveSpray nanoBooster for LC/MS

CaptiveSpray nanoBooster

The key to performance and reliability for nano flow MS

The Bruker CaptiveSpray principle: Stable and robust nanoflow LC/MS is still a challenge in proteomics analysis. The Bruker CaptiveSpray source is a revolutionary ion source with a patented design that provides easy operation just as simple as the normal flow electrospray.

CaptiveSpray delivers nanospray sensitivity, resists plugging, and provides reproducible, uninterrupted flow for even the most complex proteomics samples.




The CaptiveSpray source mounts directly onto all current Bruker API mass spectrometers. The Ion Transfer Interface connects directly to the front of the capillary, eliminating the need for complex XYZ adjustable stages.

Bruker's revolutionary CaptiveSpray source is now available with a smart dopant addition option—the nanoBooster

CaptiveSpray nanoBooster brings your MS to the next performance level and provides even higher flexibility.

  • Boosts nanoflow sensitivity
  • Pushes up ID rates
  • Enables Glycoanalysis
  • Supercharges capability

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.