GC-APCI II Ion Source

GC-APCI II Ion Source

Making a dedicated and expensive GC-TOF-MS used infrequently for just a few samples a thing of the past.

The GC-APCI II source enables GC coupling to any Bruker TOF or QTOF, trap or FTMS system originally designed for LC coupling.

Switching of the sources without venting the vacuum
The system has the capability to be easily switched from GC to LC and vice versa without tools and within minutes. There is no need to vent the MS vacuum.

Greater Flexibility
The design of the flexible heated transfer line means that the GC and MS must no longer be precisely aligned. Interfacing the GC and MS is simpler, giving more options in positioning the MS and GC while preserving the obtained GC separation.

Automatic MS Calibration
The unique calibrant reservoir of the GC-APCI II interface enables software-controlled calibrant delivery.


Improved LLOQ
The optimized ionization chamber provides improved GC-MS performance including lower background and higher sensitivity.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.