New ESR Teaching Tool from Bruker

Complement your NMR curriculum with an affordable and easy-to-use microESR instrument.

Introducing Bruker’s new microESR instrument, ideally suited for teaching and education applications in Electron Spin Resonance (ESR). The new microESR offers research-grade results in a compact, portable instrument with an easy-to-use interface. Use this teaching tool to enhance your student’s magnetic resonance education. 

How does ESR Complement My NMR Curriculum?

  • ESR provides quantitative analysis of paramagnetic species
  • Because it’s the only technique to detect species with unpaired electrons, ESR crosses many disciplines, such as biology, chemistry, physics, medical science and material science, opening career options for students

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Why Should You Choose Bruker microESR?

  • Focus on the Subject: Intuitive measuring and calibration menus make the instrument accessible to students and teachers alike. With the Bruker microESR it is easier to visualize quantum mechanics
  • Save Space: Small footprint and lightweight, ideal for classrooms or labs with limited benchtop space
  • Get Started Faster: Quick and easy installation.
  • Connect to Your Class: Modern touchscreen interface appeals to students with familiar swipe, pinch, and drop menus.

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