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Current Status of Potential Therapeutic Candidates for the COVID-19 Crisis

Jiancheng Zhang, Bing Xie and Henji Hashimoto, Brain Behav Immun 2020


Thoughts on What Chemists Can Contribute to Fighting SARS‐CoV‐2 – A Short Note on Hand Sanitizers, Drug Candidates and Outreach

Till Opatz, Joerg Senn-Bilfinger and Clemens Richert, Angew Chem Int Ed 2020, 59: 2–7


Developing Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies at Pandemic Pace

Brian Kelley, Nat Biotechnol 2020, 38: 540–545


The Race for Coronavirus Vaccines: a Graphical Guide

Ewen Callaway, Nature 2020, 580: 576-577


The COVID-19 Vaccine Development Landscape

Tung Thanh Le, Zacharias Andreadakis, Arun Kumar, Raúl Gómez Román, Stig Tollefsen, Melanie Saville & Stephen Mayhew, Nat Rev Drug Discov 2020, 19: 305-306

Signal Amplification by Reversible Exchange for COVID-19 Antiviral Drug Candidates

HyeJin Jeong et al., ChemRxiv. 2020
Preprint revised on April 06, 2020


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Structure Shows that the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-Unique Domain Contains a Macrodomain Fold

Amarnath Chatterjee, Margaret A. Johnson, Pedro Serrano, Bill Pedrini, Jeremiah S. Joseph, Benjamin W. Neuman, Kumar Saikatendu, Michael J. Buchmeier, Peter Kuhn & Kurt Wüthrich, Journal of Virology 2009, 83: 1823-1836 


NMR Structure and Localization of a Large Fragment of the SARS-CoV Fusion Protein: Implications in Viral Cell Fusion

Mukesh Mahajan et. al., Biochim Biophys Acta Biomembr 2018, 1860: 407-415 


Synthesis of Remdesivir Including Characterisation by NMR

Discovery and Synthesis of a Phosphoramidate Prodrug of a Pyrrolo[2,1-f][triazin-4-amino] Adenine C-Nucleoside (GS-5734) for the Treatment of Ebola and Emerging Viruses Dustin Siegel, et. al., J Med Chem 2017, 60: 1648-1661

Best Practices in Utilization of 2D-NMR Spectral Data as the Input for Chemometric Analysis in Biopharmaceutical Applications

Robert G. Brinson, Luke W. Arbogast, John P. Marino, Frank Delaglio, J Chem Inf Model 2020, 60(4): 2339-2355


An NMR Based Similarity Metric for Higher Order Structure Quality Assessment among U.S. Marketed Insulin Therapeutics

D. Wang, J. Park, S.M. Patil, C.J. Smith, J.L. Leazer Jr, D.A. Keire, K. Chen, J Pharm Sci 2020, 109(4): 1519-1528


Enabling Adoption of 2D-NMR for the Higher Order Structure Assessment of Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics

Robert G. Brinson, et al., mAbs 2019, 11(1): 94-105


What NMR Can Do in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

Róbert Kiss, Ádám Fizil, Csaba Szántay Jr., J Pharm Biomed 2018, 147: 367–377


Precision and Robustness of 2D-NMR for Structure Assessment of Filgrastim Biosimilars

H. Ghasriani, D.J. Hodgson, R.G. Brinson, I. McEwen, L.F. Buhse, S. Kozlowski, J.P. Marino, Y. Aubin, D.A. Keire, Nat Biotechnol 2016, 34: 139–141