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NMR based Metabolomics using Avance IVDr Technology and Software

Currently a lot of emphasis is put on COVID 19 research and Metabolomics will play a substantial role in this. The infection is a highly dynamic process and decisions have to be made on the best treatment, prediction of outcome and severity. NMR based Metabolomics allows to follow these highly dynamic processes with adequate speed, also looking into the issue of comorbidities. Currently substantial funding is made available for COVID-19 research.

The findings that LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) concentration is strongly correlated with the severity of the infection leads to huge trend towards NMR lipoprotein analysis that is enabled by our Avance IVDr platform.

Bruker has initiated a worldwide metabolomics research network on COVID-19 coordinated by Prof. Jeremy Nichsolson at the Australian National Phenome Center , with all partners using Bruker Avance IVDr systems allowing easy collaboration and data exchange. Further partners are welcome and will strengthen this network. If you have medical teams in your vicinity, that work on COVID-19 and related research, it might be a good chance to discuss with them about a common project.

The IVDr platform is working with Avance NEO or AV III HD. Adding IVDr functionality will not affect general NMR performance of the instrument but open new possibilities.

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Besides COVID-19, the other areas of research in human metabolomics are also seeing a strong increase and related funding:

  1. Cardiovascular disease
  2. Diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  3. Cancer
  4. Neurodegenerative diseases
  5. Kidney diseases
  6. Personalized medicine
  7. Nutrition and health, personalized nutrition
  8. Lifestyle influences on health in general
  9. Healthy aging

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IVDr means high-performance bodyfluid analysis. To fully benefit we offer the following
Software solutions at 20% discount for a limited period:

1. B.I.Methods 2.0 : Highly standardized and fully automated NMR methods for bodyfluid analysis at 600 MHz

  • SOPs for preparation and measurement of bodyfluids e.g. Urine, Plasma, Serum, CSF and Methanol-extracts
  • Includes advanced system suitability, quality control, calibration and validation functionalities
  • Prerequisite for all data analysis tools
  • First step in updating to Avance IVDr platform

2. B.I.LISA 1.0 RUO* : Fast and reliable determination of Lipoprotein Subclasses and subfractions in Plasma or Serum

  • Lipoprotein Subclass Analysis in Plasma/Serum with > 110 parameters from ultracentrifugation
  • Includes Cholesterol, Free Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Phopholipids, main and sub-fractions
  • Includes Particles Numbers, Apo-A1, Apo-A2 and ApoB

3. B.I.QUANT-PS 2.0 RUO* : Highly reliable and automated quantification of small molecule in Plasma or Serum

  • Simultaneous absolute quantification of 40 free metabolites from 9 different chemical class in Plasma/Serum
  • Improved quantification scheme and fit visualisation
  • Concentration ranges occurring in most human plasma/serum samples
  • Results obtained on the same experiment as B.I.LISA

4. B.I.QUANT-UR 1.1 RUO* : Highly reliable and automated quantification of small molecule in Urine

  • Simultaneous absolute and relative quantification of small molecules from 12 different chemical class in urine with improved results interpretation routines
  • 3 versions: Basic 50 metabolites (children & adults), Extended 150 metabolites (neonates, children & adults), Extended 150 metabolites (children & adults),Extended 150 metabolites (children & adults), Neonates Extended 150 metabolites + non-targeted classification against healthy newborn model
  • Concentration ranges occurring in most human urine samples

5. B.I.Biobank-QC 1.0 RUO* : Automated Quality Control of incoming samples for storage in Biobanks

  • Extended Quality Control for incoming urine or plasma/serum in biobanks
  • Validate type of bodyfluid, check contaminations, degradation state, unreported drugs, disease markers
  • extensive documentation with traffic light system
  • same experiment as for the analysis tools B.I.LISA, B.I.QUANT-PS2.0 and B.I.QUANT-UR1.1 b/e/ne

6. B.I.IEM-Panel 1.0 RUO*: Automated Intelligence for interpretation of NMR urinary findings in Inborn Errors of Metabolism research

  • Using comprehensive Inborn Error of Metabolism knowledgebase to convert urine quantification result (B.I.QUANT-UR1.1) into list of ranked potential diseases

7. AMIX 4.0: Powerful program providing many integrated routines for statistical and spectroscopic analyses

  • Dedicated programm for metabolomics analysis
  • Includes comparison of multiple spectra, matching of bodyfluid spectra with pure compound spectra (BBIOREFCODE), statistics toolbox

8. BBIOREFCODE: Get more information on further metabolites with Bruker’s Biofluid Reference Compound spectral database

  • 800 metabolites: 1D-spectra at 11 pH values and 2D-spectra at 3 pH values
  • Efficient visual inspection to identify unknown signals
  • Automatic matching routines for 1D and 2D using AMIX 4.0

*RUO: (Research Use Only)

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