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Reproducible Metabolite Quantification in Plasma/Serum

The Bruker IVDr platform is optimized towards supporting the analysis of epidemiological studies with large scale, dedicated clinical and translational trials. The use of the standardized Bruker IVDr Methods module (B.I.Methods) guarantees high reproducibility and data quality under full automation indepen- dant from the NMR system and operator.

The Bruker IVDr platform allows to combine different solutions. Thus following our already established Bruker IVDr Lipoprotein Subclass Analysis (B.I.LISA TM) in plasma/serum samples, we now expand our biomarker panel with the simultaneous quantification of small molecules using the same spectrum as acquired for B.I.LISA. The automated quantification in plasma/serum (B.I.QUANT-PS TM) is based on in house developed algorithms involving fitting pre- defined 1H signals as it is already the case for urine samples (B.I.QUANT-UR TM).

Benefits of B.I.QUANT-PS

  • Ease of use, simple and rapid sample preparation
  • Fully automated quantification of 26 metabolites
  • Different analytes classes can be quantified simultaneously in a single run
  • Absolute concentration for each metabolites are given due to the calibration with one Quantification Reference Sample (B.I.MethodsTM)
  • Validation of all LODs has been done following ISO 17025 guidelines for wet spiking
  • Rapid analysis: on a daily basis up to 160 samples can be prepared, measured and analyzed
  • Retrospective analysis possible if the sample was prepared and measured using B.I.Methods module
  • Works on plasma or serum samples

Example of Automated Report

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Extract of B.I.QUANT-PS of a serum sample from a patient with high glucose.

Validation of quantification results

Sample report

Further Information

The B.I.QUANT-PS module is offered at an annual flat rate. It is for research use only and not released for clinical diagnostics.

Download IVDr Anaysis Reports

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