Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

Analytical nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) solutions and instruments for life science and material research applications

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is used to study the structure of molecules, the interaction of various molecules, the kinetics or dynamics of molecules and the composition of mixtures of biological or synthetic solutions or composites.

The size of the molecules analyzed can range from a small organic molecule or metabolite, to a mid-sized peptide or a natural product, all the way up to proteins of several tens of kDa in molecular weight.

NMR nuclear spectroscopy complements other structural and analytical techniques such as X-ray, crystallography and mass spectrometry. NMR’s advantage is the unique ability of a nuclear spectrometer to allow both the non-destructive and the quantitative study of molecules in solution and in solid state, as well as to enable the study of biological fluids.

The expansion of NMR Spectroscopy to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) by the application of magnetic field gradient pulses provides multidimensional images and spatially resolved spectroscopic information.

Bruker’s NMR product line includes Fourier, NanoBay and AVANCE spectrometers, accessories for NMR Microscopy, High Power Gradient Diffusion and RheoNMR, dedicated systems such as the FoodScreener, WineScreener, Metabolic Profiler, and software packages such as AssureNMR, CMC and Dynamics Center.