Rheo NMR Accessory

Rheo NMR is making a major impact on studies of the mechanical properties of complex fluids, including polymer melts and solutions, lyotropic and thermotropic liquid crystals, micellar surfactant phases, colloidal suspensions and emulsions, biological fluids, foods, and many fluids important in industrial processing or engineering.

A better understanding of the physical properties of such materials is key to our understanding of natural materials in general and for the design of improved, application-specific fluids, the development of new materials based on polymers and organized molecular states, and the design of more palatable foods with the desired texture.

The Rheo NMR Accessory is available for wide bore and super-wide bore magnets. It consists of a stepper motor, extended shaft and one or more rheomectric cells for various shear rates as shown in the following table and product list. These parts are mounted into a wide bore shim system and adapted to a Micro 2.5 imaging probe with gradient system and a 25 mm ID exchangeable rf-resonator.