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PET/SPECT/CT Hybrid Imaging

Hybrid PET/SPECT/CT imaging has proven unique benefits during all stages of  the development of new tracer, from bench to bed. The combination of the high-performance and complementary imaging modalities in a single and integrated device allows high throughput without limitations for basic research and for the development of novel tracers in all application fields of nuclear medical imaging.

Multi-mouse imaging combined with accurate quantification across the entire field of view and low dose uCT scanning allows for high throughput and longitudinal studies under stable physiological conditions. Unmatched sensitivity of coincidence PET, and the addition of PMOD software,  Bruker PET/SPECT/CT scanners perform full PET quantification while interpreting imaging data into pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic information. Integrated hybrid scanners provide superior animal workflows, reduced anesthesia durations, and no compromises in image co-registration or quantification accuracy.

Albira Si

Albira Si PET/SPECT/CT: The third generation of true and proven trimodal hybrid imaging, the Albira Si is more powerful and easier to use than ever, redefining what you can expect and supporting your research to achieve new levels in nuclear medical imaging and theranostics.


PET/CT Si 78: Integrated best in class PET and CT imaging technologies, combined with  the simplified workflows of  gold-standard preclinical imaging software packages ParaVision 360 and PMOD,  the Bruker PET/CT Si 78 is a high-end solution designed  for outstanding  24/7 imaging services at predictable costs. The Si 78 provides seamless integration into nuclear molecular and medical imaging research labs and preclinical imaging core facilities.


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