Easy Workflow, traceable and multilanguage

The ultimate Graphical User Interface

Specific QC tasks need specific answers not only in terms of hardware, but in particular also for the graphical user interface (GUI). minispec Plus, m+, is the standard GUI for every minispec mq-one series instrument. m+ ensures a seamless integration of your minispec analyzer into your QC infrastructure and will please every operator thanks to its well-design look-n-feel.

  • Available for a wide range of applications:
    • Classical applications, like Spin Finish, SFC, Seeds and the like
    • Chemometrical applications, like diary foods, BCA
    • Automated temperature protocols
    • Relaxation time recording
  • Easy and guided measurement procedures
  • Multilanguage (ask us for details)
  • Tune Gain tool
  • Calibration Validation
  • Daily Check
  • Traceable operation, 21 CFRpart 11 compliant (class. applications)
  • Automatic data recording and logging
  • User permission control & password definition
  • Audit Trail and Action Logging
  • Data export to Excel or file
  • Archiving
  • LIMS connection (optional)

m+ Concept and Turn-Key

Control of the minispec is through a user-friendly Windows-based graphical user interface and TCP/IP connection to an acquisition server in the minispec console. Software is designed from the start for full GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) compliance. Major features of the software include:

  • Daily Check, auto validation and a continuous data logging of all relevant system parameters for each action carried out on the instrument
  • Integrated spreadsheet/database option for preparing measurement sequences in advance
  • Flexible presentation of results and signal display
  • Statistics monitoring window
  • Configurable user interface with a number of different permission levels
  • Simplified user interface for routine operation with standard applications
  • R&D level of the interface allows access to all possible functions and routines
  • Efficient programming of a user's own sequences and methods
mplus_SpinF_sml.jpgminispec Plus temperature


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