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Unified Time-OPtimized Interleaved Acquisition NMR 


Recent applications using Bruker’s AVANCE NEO include the UTOPIA-NMR experiments for the study of large, unstructured proteins. Introduced by the Wagner Lab at Harvard Medical School and the Etzkorn Lab at University Duesseldorf, UTOPIA-NMR benefits from the AVANCE NEO.

UTOPIA-NMR aims to activate the high level of polarization and information content distributed on low-γ nuclei without disturbing conventional magnetization transfer pathways. Multi-receiver setup avoids small to considerable relaxation losses associated with interleaved setup (depending on sample properties and experimental design) due to a delayed acquisition.

UTOPIA-NMR can either reduce the experimental time by a factor of about two or it can deliver additional information for free during the acquisition of a conventional set of experiments. Significantly increases the NMR insights into large, unstructured proteins which are often challenging to investigate.