3D Metrology & Process Control for PSS

AutoMET automated metrology and production capabilities with AFM 3D resolution

Bruker's Dimension Edge™ PSS Atomic Force Microscope with AutoMET™ Metrology Software is the ideal nano-metrology and nano-inspection system for LED substrate and epitaxial manufacturers. As an extension of the Dimension Edge AFM platform, the Edge PSS incorporates the incredible value and resolution for which the Dimension AFM systems are renowned, while also providing a production

Dimension Edge PSS Automet wafer Image
3D AFM image of flat-top patterned sapphire substrate.

based solution for substrate measurements. The system incorporates Bruker's proprietary AutoMET control & analysis software, which has been designed specifically to meet the needs of patterned sapphire substrate (PSS) suppliers, providing a level of automation and ease of use never before seen in a value-price atomic force microscope.