D8 DISCOVER Plus, X-ray diffraction


The D8 DISCOVER Plus is the flagship of X-ray diffraction solutions. It combines the unrivalled accuracy of the ATLAS goniometer with the broadest choice of top-performance X-ray sources while staying fully compatible with a wide variety of components, optics and detectors including the benchmark setting Non-Coplanar Arm.
D8 DISCOVER Plus - Uncompromised flexibility and performance.

Please read more about the D8 DISCOVER Plus in the press release.

Multi-purpose Solutions

Ultimate performance in Thin-Film Analysis

Ultimate performance in Thin-Film Analysis: Equipped with IµS microfocus source and Non-Coplanar Arm the D8 DISCOVER Plus enables In-Plane GID measurements with highest accuracy - best data quality guaranteed.

Ultimate flexibility in Materials Analysis

Ultimate flexibility in Materials Analysis: Equipped with user exchangeable TWIST-TUBE source and Non-Coplanar Arm the D8 DISCOVER Plus offers a high degree of experimental flexibility without compromising performance.

D8 DISCOVER - High power materials research XRD solution

D8 DISCOVER Plus with TXS-HE: The perfect high power materials research XRD solution for all types of samples ranging from powders to polycrystalline or epitaxial films.

D8 DISCOVER Plus for high-accuracy µXRD²

D8 DISCOVER Plus for high-accuracy µXRD²: Combining ATLAS, IµS microfocus source with the flexibility of the EIGER2 detector results in a XRD solution of ultimate performance.

  • High-accuracy Non-Coplanar Arm for In-Plane Diffraction measurements with exceptional accuracy.
  • ATLASTM goniometer with industry leading guaranteed angular accuracy
  • 6 kW high efficiency Turbo X-ray Source (TXS-HE) ideal for line and spot focus application.
  • IµS microfocus x-ray source with new MONTELPlus optic for mm sized samples.
  • Full compatibility with available components, optics and detectors.

Dedicated Solutions

D8 DISCOVER Plus for Structure Analysis

D8 DISCOVER Plus for Structure Analysis

Extract structural information by applying X-Ray Powder Diffraction (XRPD) including Rietveld (TOPAS) analysis, diffuse or "total" scattering (PDF analysis), and Small Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS).

D8 DISCOVER Plus for Thin Film Analysis

D8 DISCOVER Plus for Thin Film Analysis

An additional optic bench position allows further optimization of the incident beam to balance intensity and resolution - Adapt your system to the sample requirements to obtain optimal data.

D8 DISCOVER Plus for Maximum Beam Conditioning

D8 DISCOVER Plus for maximum beam conditioning

A third primary optical bench further extends the ability to condition the beam with a variety of optics including Bartels geometry 4-bounce monochromators.

ATLASTM Goniometer

In X-ray diffraction the base for an accurate sample analysis is the goniometer and the precise orientation of the mounted components particularly while measuring. The ATLAS goniometer exactly meets these requirements by design and sets the benchmark for angular and spatial accuracy:

  • Robust and maintenance-free goniometer
  • High-precision stepper motors with high resolution optical encoders
  • Precise and software monitored interfaces for mounting components
ATLAS TM Goniometer

In-Plane Diffraction

The D8 DISCOVER Plus can be equipped with the Non-Coplanar Arm to perform In-Plane diffraction with unrivalled performance.

  • Unmatched accuracy with direct angular encoder
  • Dedicated beam path components increase the measured intensities to obtain signals even from ultra thin polycrystalline films.
  • Seamless integration in DIFFRAC.SUITE software and in DIFFRAC.DAVINCE for maximized efficiency.

Exponentially Compound Gains

Exponentially Compound Gains

The D8 DISCOVER Plus with ATLAS is designed to be fully compatible with the full range of D8 components including optics, stages, detectors and accessories.

  • Multi-beampath optics, like TWIN, TRIO or PATHFINDER optics, ensure the optimal beam condition for every experiment
  • Specimen mounting stages including multi position sample changers, four circle centric cradles, UMC stages for heavy weight loads
  • Multi-mode detectors like the LYNXEYE XE-T and EIGER2 R 500k perfectly support all XRD applications

Guaranteed Alignment

Best alignment

The D8 DISCOVER Plus equipped with the ATLAS goniometer comes with a Bruker AXS generic alignment guarantee: the angular deviation ∆2Theta of measured and certified peak positions 2Theta is ≤0.007°. This is verified by measuring the NIST certified standard SRM1976 with each individual instrument.

High Efficiency Turbo X-ray Source

TXS-HE Source

Whether the key measure of an analytical X-ray tool is data quality, defined as signal-to-noise or signal-to-background, or sample throughput, one constant is that a more of signal is always an advantage.

The High Efficiency Turbo X-ray Source (TXS-HE) has been designed to boost signal while minimizing maintenance associated with rotating anode technology.

  • Up to 5 times the intensity of an industrial sealed tube
  • Line focus setup with unsurpassed focal spot brightness
  • Ideal coupling with optics for maximum intensity
  • Reduced beam path length to minimize air scatter

High Brilliance in XRD

  • MONTELPlus optics deliver a Millimeter sized beam with high brilliance, low divergence and ultra-low background.
  • SNAP-LOCK optics to further adapt the beam to the sample.
  • Green design with low power consumption, no water consumption and extended life components
  • Unrivaled resolution and intensity for In-Plane-Diffraction.
High Brilliance in XRD

Available services include

  • Help desk support from highly-skilled troubleshooting professionals, to isolate and resolve hard- and software problems
  • Web-based remote instrument service for service diagnosis and applications support
  • Merged reality support with Help Lightning – a virtual engineer at your side (video)
  • Planned maintenance, according to your requirement
  • Customer on-site repair and maintenance service
  • Spare parts availability typically over night or within a few working days worldwide
  • Compliance services for installation qualification, operational qualification / performance verification
  • Site planning and relocation

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