TEM, STEM and T-SEM EDS Quantification at its Best

On-Demand Session - 64 Minutes

EDS Quantification Guideline

In this webinar we explain EDS quantification for electron transparent samples. Available methods and their application following a simple guideline will be shown. Possible pitfalls and successful approaches will be discussed.

Main topics are:


  • Suitable specimen and specimen mounting
  • The Cliff-Lorimer and the Zetha-factor method - which to use when
  • Theoretical and experimental Cliff-Lorimer and Zeta-factors
  • System setup and data acquisition
  • Quantification steps
  • Background- and peak-fit models, calibration options, also off-line
  • Display of quantitative results (e.g. in pseudo-color or tables) for


    • spectra
    • line scans
    • hypermaps


  • High spatial resolution EDS

Who Should Attend?

  • Students, engineers, advanced scientists using or wanting to use EDS in TEM/STEM or in T-SEM (TEM sample in SEM)
  • Scientists interested in using the Bruker software for data analysis in experiments on the nanoscale


Dr. Meiken Falke

Global Product Manager EDS/TEM, Bruker Nano Analytics