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Easy, Powerful XRF Analyzers for Food Safety and Food Quality

As demand for closer quality and process control in food production is rising, manufacturers seek to enhance both food quality and cost efficiency. Message us now to learn how Bruker’s real-time elemental XRF analyzers can help you with both, greatly facilitating food quality control.

XRF is the prefect analytical tool providing essential information about element concentrations of nutrients, minerals and toxic metals of interest.

Bruker’s High Performance Laboratory XRF analyzers deliver vital information of elements present and their respective concentrations. Based on quick sample preparation, large series of samples can be quickly screened or analyzed. The simple and intuitive operation enables the seamless integration of Bruker’s XRF units into the quality processes critical to food production.

Incorporating the industry’s most advanced XRF technology, Bruker’s XRF units are ideally suited for the analysis of crops, animal fodder, feed, pet food and food.

Benefits of Bruker High Performance Laboratory XRF analyzers:

  • Fastest time- to-result based on simple sample preparation
  • Unrivalled ease-of-use thanks to TouchControl
  • Close Process- and Quality Control with optimum precision and accuracy
  • Essential monitoring tool for food safety, powerful detection of trace elements and nutrients

For better Crops (rice, wheat, maize,…)

For better Crops

The information about micronutrients, such as Ca, Fe and Zn, in crop is vital for better nutrition and the global public health. The S2 PUMA Series 2 benchtop EDXRF proves to be the perfect analytical tool for manufacturers improving the food quality and researchers running biofortification programs. Based on simple sample preparation, unique ease-of – use and its direct excitation beam path the S2 PUMA Series 2 delivers quick and accurate results. Find out more ...

Adding value to Farming: High quality Animal Fodder

Cows eating

The optimal concentration of minerals is vital when feeding livestock to maintain health and growth. Mineral premix for processed feed and mineral supplements needs a tight control to ensure a consistant product composition. The investment into well characterized fodder leads to high quality agricultural products, such as meat, beef, veal, eggs, milk, ... 

S2 PUMA Series 2 Single

And the S2 PUMA Series 2 benchtop EDXRF delivers precise results for mineral premix in the quality laboratory or at-line in feed mills with a single touch on the screen – as easy a s 1,2,3! Find out more ...

Family Fun with Healthy Pet Life

Family Fun with Healthy Pet Life

A pet in the family adds a lot of daily fun, but with the new family member the responsibility increases. This is even more true for feeding the cat, bird or dog. Essential nutritional elements, such as iron, calcium or magnesium are easily analyzed with the S2 PUMA Series 2 in pet food making sure that the dogs and cats can expect a long and healthy life! More time to enjoy. Based on simple sample preparation the S2 PUMA Series 2 delivers excellent results for incoming inspection of pet food ingredients and for quality control of the pet food products throughout the manufacturing process. Find out more ...

Nutrition made safe!
Accurate and precise – no doubt!


Food safety is of highest concern and the S8 TIGER is the perfect monitoring tool to quickly and reliably screen food quality by accessing vital information of toxic traces and nutritional elements at the same time.

S8 TIGER Series 2

Based on the high resolution goniometer, its high excitation power and the automated sample handling the S8 TIGER Series 2 analyzes large series of samples. With its high resolution WDXRF technology toxic trace elements are clearly identified and analyzed. Find out more ...