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UK Surface Metrology Workshop

Join us for expert-led discussions and real-time demonstrations of the most popular and innovative applications of Stylus and Optical profilometry. Presented in conjunction with the University of Huddersfield.

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This workshop focuses on Bruker's Stylus & Optical Profilers and includes an exclusive presentation by Prof. Liam Blunt, Ph.D., exploring the application of areal feature parameters in relation to understanding surface functionality. Our presenters also go on to explore:

  • Surface profiling techniques, including their advantages and popular applications;
  • Recent advances in WLI profilometry and its newest potential uses for large sample characterization of thin films and rough and steady samples; and
  • Real-time, in-lab practical sessions featuring Bruker's fully-automated ContourX-500 benchtop optical profiler.

Discover the Best Tools & Techniques for Measuring Surface Texture

We are very pleased to welcome you to this virtual workshop on Surface Texture Metrology, which was held in collaboration with the University of Huddersfield and with the support of our special guest speaker, Prof. Liam Blunt, Ph.D., Director of the Centre for Precision Technologies at the University of Huddersfield.

The workshop focuses on Bruker’s Stylus & Optical Profilers and includes an exclusive presentation by Prof. Blunt focusing on the application of areal feature parameters in relation to understanding surface functionality, as well as:

  • A short review of surface texture and its requirements, different surface profiling techniques, and their popular applications and potential value for users;
  • An introduction to White Light Interferometry (WLI) optical profilers with a special focus on practical applications, such as monitoring roughness or wear volume, and defect inspection;
  • In-depth exploration of new developments relating to the WLI technique which enable its application in fields such as rough and steady samples and thin-film, especially in studies requiring large samples; and
  • Expert-led talks and practical sessions live from our labs in the UK which feature Bruker's ContourX-500 fully automated benchtop optical profiling system.


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Guest Speaker

Liam Blunt, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Engineering and Technology, School of Computing and Engineering; Director, Centre for Precision Technologies; University of Huddersfield

Professor Liam Blunt has an honours degree in Materials Technology and a Ph.D. in "The Metallurgy of CentrelessGround Surfaces" under the supervision of Dr. Wilf Tomlinson at Coventry University. Prof Blunt also spent one year working as a metallurgist in failure analysis at AMTAC Laboratories in Manchester. His Academic experience includes a Post-Doctoral period at Warwick University covering Microscopy of Thick and Thin Film Superconductors. Prof Blunt then moved onto Birmingham University in 1990 to work on the development of a multi properties materials tester. Whilst at Birmingham he developed an interest in tribology and surface metrology. He secured a lectureship and developed his research in the field of surface metrology.

In 1997 Prof Blunt moved to Huddersfield and began developing the Centre for Precision Technologies. As well as teaching in the area of Materials and Manufacturing processes, he has formed extensive industrial collaborations and is now Director of the Centre for Precision Engineering. His Research expertise and interests are: Surface micro and nano metrology, tribology and metrology for medical implants, development of precision abrasive processes, and forensic metrology for ballistics.