Simultaneous Acquisition of Crystallographic and Elemental Information in the SEM Using Unique On-Axis Detectors

Fastest Simultaneous TKD & EDS Measurements

Bruker’s unique XFlash® FlatQUAD EDS detector with its ultra-high solid angle of up to 1.1 sr can be used simultaneously with OPTIMUS 2 for the acquisition of maps containing chemical and respectively crystal orientation data from electron transparent samples with unmatched spatial resolution and speed. 

Accurate quantitative EDS analysis can be performed using methods designed for electron transparent samples:

  • Cliff-Lorimer-factor method
  • Zeta-factor-method

Combined EDS and TKD measurements are ideal for characterizing little known samples containing multiple crystallographic phases, e.g. precipitates and/or inclusions. The combined dataset can be used for offline phase identification and reanalysis with great efficiency gains enabled by ESPRIT 2’s capability of indexing up to 60,000 patterns/sec.

Detector-sample geometry for simultaneous on-axis TKD and EDS mapping using XFlash FlatQUAD EDS detector (top), OPTIMUS 2 detector head (bottom) and TKD sample holder (middle)