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Simplicity Delivers Affordable Science

Reliable and Affordable EBSD

Also Available on Tabletop SEM

analytical power
Covers more than 95% of applications
The eFlash XS and XFlash 630M detectors are fully integrated under the ESPRIT software suite
initial investment costs
EBSD for low footprint and low cost SEMs
The eFlash XS EBSD detector can be installed on low footprint and affordable SEMs without making them unreasonably expensive
cost of ownership
Low probability of failure and low downtime
The eFlash XS is powered by a high reliability CMOS camera. In the very unlikely scenario of camera failure, the e-Flash XS detector will be replaced within days with a field unit.

Simplicity Delivers Affordable Science

QUANTAX ED-XS is a new product package combining the new and unique eFlash XS EBSD detector with the robust XFlash® EDS detector under the versatile ESPRIT software suite. This hardware and software combination is a new approach to providing powerful analytical tools to the larger microscopy community which has not been offered EBSD capabilities until now. Here are its benefits:

  • Much lower initial investment cost 
  • Very low downtime: on-site detector replacement within days
  • Affordable service contract options
  • Easy to use EBSD: no calibration required & user replaceable screen
  • Safe operation: when not in use there is 0% chance for accidental collision with SEM stage or other instruments inside SEM chamber

Why Do I Need EBSD on my Tabletop or W-SEM?

  • Semi-automatic grain size & shape distribution
  • Quantitative analysis of microstructures using subsetting
  • Area/volume fraction of deformed vs. recrystallized grains
  • Grain boundary analysis
  • Phase identification and distribution analysis
  • Correlation of chemical and crystallographic results
  • Orientation distribution – crystallographic texture analysis 

What is your Analytical Challenge?