AFM Modes

PeakForce Capture

High-sensitivity nanomechanical data at every pixel

Where PeakForce QNM® analyzes each force curve in PeakForce Tapping® in realtime to generate material property maps, PeakForce Capture™ goes beyond the image to provide the actual force curves at every pixel in addition to the calculated property channels. When enabled, force curves from the PeakForce QNM image are saved alongside the standard image file in a proprietary 3D data cube file format. This allows direct calculations with the NanoScope® analysis functions, as well as simple export to other systems or programs for additional analysis. When paired with PeakForce QNM, it provides the highest resolution mechanical mapping capabilities and analysis that can be used with standard models for biomechanics.

PeakForce Capture provides:

  • Higest resolution force mapping
  • Sensitivity to discover unexpected events not captured with other techniques
  • User-specific models through data export features


Height (A) and stiffness (B) maps of calcite. This unique atomic scale nanomechanical information reveals increased contact stiffness for alternate rows of atoms.