Poster hall MALDI Imaging

The first joint IMSS/OURCON meeting was very well attended with participants from across the globe presenting research across a diverse range of Imaging techniques using mass spectrometry. Illustrative of that diversity is a selection of the research that was presented using Bruker MALDI Imaging systems. 

We are grateful to the authors for allowing their posters to be included.


Poster WP 371: Deeper proteome coverage of musculoskeletal samples

Poster MP 115: High-precision ion mobility calibration greatly improves diaPASEF analysis

Poster WP 376: PASEF-DDA enables deep coverage single-shot phosphoproteomics and ion mobility-based elucidation of phosphosite isomers

Poster TP 231: Streamlined sample processing coupled to PASEF strategy for in-depth proteome quantification

Poster TP 247: "TimsPy": access timsTOF Pro data easily from Python

Poster TP 470: New PRM-PASEF for highly multiplexed targeted acquisition in clinical samples

Poster MP 248: Comparison of different processing pipelines for diaPASEF data

Poster ThP 493: Characterization of single-shot plasma proteomics performance using the PASEF method and systematic investigation into the quantitative proteome depth

Poster MP 547: PASEF for sensitive shotgun proteomics: toward single cell analysis

Poster WP 468: Deep Profiling of Tyrosine Phosphorylation in Gastric Cancer Cells

Poster ThP 290: PASEF and Bolt: enabling comprehensive analysis via high MS/MS acquisition speed and MS/MS sequencing through vast protein databases in minutes

Poster TP 130: Deep, reproducible and high-throughput FFPE analyses: moving toward large-scale clinical omics applications

Poster ThP 282: PASER: Parallel Database Search Engine in Real-Time

Poster TP 455: Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry of Glyco- and Phospho-Peptides

Poster WP 529: Reducing compression effects and expanding the multiplex capabilities on a trapped ion mobility Q-TOF

Poster TP 052: Proteomic Analysis of BALF using the PASEF method: toward Lung Cancer Biomarker Discovery with 1D LC separation

Poster WP 504: Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry and PASEF Enables In-depth Characterization of Protein Ubiquitination from Human Cells

Poster WP 507: Highly Sensitivity Lysine Acetylation Profiling with Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry and PASEF

Poster ThP 418: Enhanced identification of bioactive peptides in meat hydrolysates by 4D peptidomics

Poster MP 329: Simplified high-throughput methods for deep and targeted proteome analysis on thetimsTOFPro

Poster MP 122: High throughput proteomics -  Application of diaPASEF for short gradients

Poster MP 118: Parallel accumulation – serial fragmentation combined with data-independent acquisition (diaPASEF): Bottom-up proteomics with near optimal ion usage

Poster MP 253: Skyline Support for Proteome-wide Data Analysis of Bruker timsTOF diaPASEF Acquisition


Poster WP 262: 4D-Lipidomics based automated annotation of MALDI Imaging data using a dedicated bioinformatics pipeline

Poster WP 273: In situ isobaric and isomeric lipid mapping and identification by MALDI-Ion Mobility Separation-Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Poster ThP 339: Post-ionization mobility separation for MALDI based analysis of isomeric cannabinoids in plant samples

Poster WP 267: Lipid Distribution in Liver Is Disrupted in the Translocator Protein (TSPO, 18-KDa) Knockout Mouse Model

Poster TP 534: In depth proteomics of the kidneys from autoimmune type I diabetes rat model through MALDI - Imaging Mass Spectrometry

Poster ThP 499: Molecular dissection of renal amyloidosis with MALDI - Imaging Mass Spectrometry and shotgun proteomics

Poster TP 216: Unraveling pathogenesis of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) on J2N-k Hamster model using MALDI-Imaging

Poster TP 224: Identification of Therapeutic Targets of Multiple Sclerosis through MALDI - Imaging Mass Spectrometry of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis (EAE) mouse model

Poster WP 277: Visualization of Intact protein for the study of lithium neuropharmacology in mouse brain with MALDI - Imaging Mass Spectroscopy

Poster TP 215: Dissecting Rostral Migratory Stream (RMS) through MALDI-Imaging Mass Spectrometry on murine olfactory

Poster TP 214: Molecular characterization of NAFLD-related liver cancer in pig using MALDI imaging mass spectrometry and shotgun proteomics

Poster ThP 235: DIUTHAME enables matrix-free mass spectrometry imaging of frozen tissue sections of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) brain

Poster ThP 433: Preserved and variable spatial-chemical changes of lipids across leaves in response to wounding

Poster ThP 263: Quality assessment of MALDI TOF and ion mobility MSI data based on mass defect and CCS filtering

Poster ThP 264: Automated feature finding and evaluation of m/z images based on CCS separation in MALDI TIMS imaging

Poster WP 348: MALDI-2 laser post-ionization on a trapped ion mobility orthogonal time of flight instrument

Poster TP 218: Mass Spectrometry Imaging  to Differentiate between Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma and Cholangiocarcinoma

Poster ThP 495: Exploring in depth brain proteome of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) with MALDI Imaging Mass Spectrometry in combination with shotgun proteomics

Poster ThP 528: In depth Proteomics of Hair Follicles of whiskers from W mutant mice clarifies KIT restriction on hematopoiesis and melanogenesis

Poster WP 250: New insights into vitamin D metabolism and androgen intracrinology by on-tissue derivatization and novel MALDI-2-MS ion Mobility (timsTOF-fleX) mass spectrometry


Poster TP 449: Identification and differentiation of disulfide bonded isomers of the µ-conotoxin PIIIA by trapped ion mobility spectrometry

Poster WP 480: Integrated characterization and screening workflows to simplify the design of MAM methods

Poster ThP 458: Use of PASEF for Accelerated Protein Sequence Confirmation and de novo Sequencing with High Data Quality

Poster WP 003: Sensitive drug distribution measurements of an ADC with non-denaturing capillary SEC

Poster ThP 460: Intact Protein Multi-Attribute Method (MAM) that Includes the Identification and Quantification of Protein Clipping Events

Poster WP 475: Enhanced detection of host cell proteins enabled by use of collisional cross section values

Poster TP 298: Peptide structure confirmation with isomer distinction based on molecular weight and collision cross section obtained with trapped ion mobility separation

Poster ThP 344: Characterization of API impurities and degradation products by ion mobility LC-timsTOF Pro with parallel accumulation serial fragmentation (PASEF)

Poster MP 373: Novel High-Throughput MALDI-TOF MS Workflow for Screening of Different Analytes at Each Position on a Plate

Poster TP 551: Multiplexed Analytical Platform using Affinity Capture and MALDI MS Enables Novel Assay Development for Screening Biomarkers of Neurological Diseases

Poster TP 300: Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry (TIMS) enables differentiation of isobaric N-glycan isomers (by specific collisional cross sections)

Poster TP 029: Reproducibility of native SEC LC-MS intact mAb characterisation measurements

Poster MP 167: Assaying Protein / Ligand Binding with High-Resolution Native Mass Spectrometry


Poster TP 352: 4D-Lipidomics investigation in search of the fountain of youth

Poster MP 314: Integrating MetaboScape and PollyTM for the analysis of LC-TIMS-MS and LC-MS based fluxomics

Poster WP 418: Untargeted FTICR-MS Based Plasma Metabolomic Analysis and Translation to Type 2 Diabetes

Poster ThP 383: 4-dimensional annotation of Metabolomics features: CCS values as an additional source for higher confidence

Poster TP 368: 4D lipidomics analysis for the study of peroxisomal inborn errors of metabolism

Poster WP 271: A study of drug metabolism using a zebrafish larvae model and MALDI-MS Imaging

Poster TP 397: Metabolite identification by assignment of collisional-cross section (CCS) and isotopic fine structure (IFS)

Poster MP 198: Developing an integrated high-throughput spectroscopic strategy for better understanding of food metabolomics

Poster WP 444: Untargeted UHLC-HR-QTOF-MS metabolomics study to unravel metabolites controlling wood formation in aspen trees

Poster WP 260: Non-targeted exploration of metabolic processes and xenobiotic metabolism in plants exposed to micropollutants using mass spectrometry imaging

Poster MP 261: Crossing the Chasm: One integrated solution for advancing LC-PASEF based pharma, metabolomics, non-target screening and exposome research

Poster WP 442: Metabolomics study of klk8 deficient mouse with different instruments and ionization/detection methods

Poster WP 430: Elucidation of carotenoids in microalgae formulations by ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry combined with APCI

Poster ThP 382: Sphingolipid variations between hypertensive and normotensive patients elucidated by Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry

Poster WP 431: Metabolic changes in murine hair follicles treated with Procyanidine-B2 rich nutraceuticals studied by Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry (MRMS)

Poster WP 382: Rapid Chemical Description of Organic Aerosols with a Direct Inlet Probe Coupled to Trapped Ion Mobility Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry