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Rapid Scan: A new era in sensitivity and time resolution

Rapid Scan-EPR is a revolutionary technique that can improve the signal to noise ratio and significantly decreases  the acquisition time (down to milliseconds).

The main advantage of RS-EPR comes from the later onset of  signal saturation, allowing higher microwave powers to be used.  This increases the signal amplitude relative to CW-EPR, leading  to a much higher signal-to-noise ratio. The short acquisition time in RS-EPR allows extensive  signal averaging and very high time resolution. Compared  to CW-EPR, RS-EPR delivers higher signal to noise in the  same total experimental time. With sweep times as low as  10 microseconds, short lived EPR species can be observed and their changes can be followed with unprecedented time  resolution.

  • Impressive signal-to-noise gain vs CW-EPR.
  • Reactionmonitoring with unprecedented time  resolution.
  • Available as an accessory for EMXplus and ELEXSYS  systems. „„
  • Low temperature compatible (4K -300K).
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    The Rapid Scan components:

    1. Driver
    2. Acquisition Unit
    3. Resonator
    4. MW Frontend with I/Q Detector
    5. Coils
    6. Water cooler for coils
    7. Capacitor unit