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• Contour Elite 3D Optical Microscope - Brochure  2.0 MB

Until now, researchers, metrologists, and engineers often have had to choose between accurate metrology and visually compelling imaging-based measurements. You no longer have to make that choice. Bruker’s Contour Elite™ 3D optical microscopes combine the ContourGT® platform’s proven, industry-leading metrology and Vision64® analysis software with exceptional new high-fidelity imaging capabilities. Contour Elite delivers the high-speed operation, accuracy,and repeatability that top-level R&D and production requires, and adds the imaging and display advantages commonly associated with confocal microscopy.


AcuityXR™ is a revolutionary optical surface profiler measurement capability that combines unique, patent-pending, Bruker hardware and software technology to enable select Contour Elite™ Non-Contact, 3D Optical Surface Profilers to break the optical diffraction limit and deliver lateral resolutions previously considered unattainable with conventional optical microscopy techniques.


• Comparing 3D Optical Microscopy Techniques for Metrology Applications 1.6 MB

This applications note investigates the principle of operation for white light interferometry (WLI) and confocal microscopy, also known as laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM) and their different advantages and disadvantages.


• 3D Optical Microscopy for Orthopedic Implants 1.9 MB

This application note discusses Bruker’s 3D optical microscopes' roll in both the research and development and quality control stages of orthopedic implants manufacturing.


• Optical Profiling Provides 3D Measurement of Blades and Sharps 1.3 MB

3D surface inspection of blades and sharps can provide valuable information about lifetime and quality of performance to manufacturers.


• Optical Profiling Enables High Volume Stent Manufacturing 1.3 MB

This application note discusses how optical profiling provides non-contact, 3D measurement of stent shape, defects, and coatings, to enable high-volume production measurement.


• Characterizing Surface Quality - Why Average Roughness is Not Enough 6.3 MB

In this application note we explore how 3D parameters can be employed to provide great insight into surface finish and performance.