CBRNE Defense

Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and enhanced explosives (CBRNE) defense has been a key competence of Bruker for decades. Bruker offers technology to combat every CBRNE threat and provides a wide range of products dedicated to military and civilian defense.

Protecting Armed Forces Effectively by CBRNE Detection

Conventional and homemade CBRN weapons and Toxic Industrial Hazards are an ever present and complex threat that commanders in all military circles must deal with; it is a key component of Force Protection. Personnel must be protected and adequately prepared to deal with CBRN incidents. The ability to warn and respond to an event quickly and efficiently is imperative in mitigating its impact on people and the mission.

Providing the Best Equipment to Combat a Dynamic and Complex Threat

We have a long and trusted relationship in defence and constantly strive to provide best in its class equipment to keep it that way. Our range of field proven detection systems have been specially developed to provide military users with reliable tools that enable effective warning and response.

Our equipment is widely used by military forces across the globe. They are attracted by our state of the art technology that is built to the highest standards with the operator in mind. Our kit is easy to use and train. We also understand the part logistics plays in any operation and that’s why we develop equipment to require minimal maintenance and consumables keeping the logistic burden as low as possible.

Our range of equipment is comprehensive and can be used stand alone, fully integrated in to land, air or sea platforms and controlled by software that provides a simple yet complete common operating picture.
Handheld, portable, mobile, stationary and standoff equipment designed specifically for the Battlespace.

First Responder Emergency Services

Providing CBRNE detection solutions for emergency responders has always been a core competency of Bruker. We have been supplying class leading equipment since 1980.

Providing the Best Equipment to Combat a Dynamic and Complex Threat

Our development goals centre on innovative, robust, reliable and easy to use equipment that can be trusted in an emergency. We offer a complete CBRNE package for Emergency Response and can provide stand alone and integrated systems for mobile, point, stand off and vehicle use along with controlling and consequence management software.

RAPIDplus provides instantaneous stand-off chemical detection and identification at up to 5000 metres. E2M is used for gold standard on-site identification of substances and materiel. RAID-M 100 is the leading handheld chemical warfare (CWA) detection system used in the hot zone whilst SVGps covers radiological threats.

Detecting Explosives and Traces of Dangerous Substances

Explosives trace detection technology is used at airports, ports, cargo facilities and at the access control points of critical infrastructure. The goal is to intercept, and to prevent access, by people who have handled explosives.

About Tracing Explosives and ECAC Certification

In some cases, the basic ingredients used to make bombs emit vapors and gases that are easily detected. Other explosives hardly release any vapors, but fortunately can be detected by collecting trace particles. The Bruker RoadRunner offers both vapor and swab-based sampling. Thus, the system meets the detection requirements despite the fluctuations in the vapor pressure of the respective explosives.

In a context of increasing terrorist threats, the European Commission introduced relevant safety precautions in the field of civil aviation. The goal is to introduce a standardized security system in the airports of all EU Member States. The Bruker DE-tector flex and RoadRunner have both passed the demanding ECAC testing protocol which was established to set standards for the performance of security equipment across the forty four member nations of ECAC.

CBRNE Vehicle Solutions for Fast Response

Whenever military or first responder personnel need to deploy into a toxic environment, speed of response and personal safety is paramount. To mitigate these situations, solutions have been developed and refined to provide secure mobile detection platforms.  

Deploying detection technology integrated with a vehicle platform offers a number of clear advantages. These include the capability to deploy transportable detection devices, such as standoff detection. This form of detection gives advanced warning of potential threats as it can detect toxic gas clouds at distances measured in kilometres.

Mobile solutions also permit the platform to deploy several types of detection instruments simultaneously as they can be integrated with, and powered from, the vehicle. Operators that are protected from the external environment by means of collective protection (ColPro) filter technologies, rely on Bruker to monitor the ColPro filtration and to alarm in the event of filter failure.

If filter breakthrough takes place, our detection and identification systems provide sufficient time for the operators to don protective gear

Protecting VIPs from Explosives, Biological and Chemical Attacks

The protection of VIP's is not just concerned with visible threats but the use of explosives and the chance of violent encounters must also be considered. Less visible, but potentially more life-threatening are the including chemical and biological materials and radiation challenges. Bruker offers a blend of significant technologies to guard against the effects of the deployment of such weapons.

Detecting Personal, Room-based and Wide Area Chemical Threats

For the event where VIP's are attending, additional chemical threat detection for the whole delegation can be afforded by the use of a Bruker point detector system. These devices, designed to be operated 24/7, can be mounted on a moveable pedestal, for example near to the dais, and provide detection and alarm capability for the duration of the meeting.

The Bruker RAPIDplus can be deployed to detect chemical threat over large distances, and is ideal for monitoring streets and avenues through which VIP parades pass. With a range from just a few metres to several kilometres, this passive system can be used both indoors and outdoors. Equipped with an integrated video camera the control room can direct the sensor to cover the general parade or to focus on specific spots where suspicious activity is detected.