Molecular Imaging

Simultaneous PET/MR

The PET Inserts for simultaneous PET/MR imaging of mice and rats provides unique insights into molecular and functional processes, by combining the highest PET sensitivity with multi-parametric MRI imaging
Hybrid Imaging
Total body PET - Total body MRI
Molecular Sensitivity
By total correlation PET and MRI
Full MRI Compatibility
No compromises in PET or MRI Easy upgrades of existing scanner
Simultaneous PET/MR - Brochure

The PET inserts are designed for simultaneous PET and MR imaging of mice and rats using BioSpec MR imaging products. It allows researchers to gain unique insight on molecular and functional processes as well as a multitude of macroscopic and chemical information within a living system at the same time.

PET/MR exceeds the growing demands on preclinical imaging methods, which are required in all areas of molecular and medical research, such as oncology, neuroscience, cardiology, theranostics, immunology and development of new nuclear molecular tracers.

All  PET Inserts are based on the Bruker Si PET imaging platform that is designed for highest sensitivity, high spatial resolution and quantification accuracy across the entire FOV, highest count rates and full MRI compatibility without interferences between the hybrid modalities.


  • Lightweight instruments
  • Easy and safe daily insertion/removal
  • fully integrated solutions for BioSpec Systems
  • PET optimized total body RF coils
  • PET optimized animal cradles
  • Paravision 360 for hybrid scanning, image fusion, visualization and data analysis
  • MR based attenuation correction for accurate PET quantification
  • PMOD for advanced molecular PET data analysis and modelling
  • Moveable on electronic cart with clean and safe operation
  • PET stand-alone operation with multi-modal compatible animal cradles and independent PET imaging workplaces

PET Insert Si 198

  • Designed for total body PET of mice and rats
    - Inner diameter 112 mm
    - up to 0.7 mm spatial resolution
    - 12 % sensitivity
    - 150 x 80 mm FOV
    - multi-mouse and rats up to 600grams
  • Compatible with: BioSpec 70/30 and 94/30 USR

PET Insert Si 103

  • Designed for total body PET of mice and rat head applications
    - Inner diameter 60 mm
    - up to 0.7 mm spatial resolution
    - 11 % sensitivity
    - 101 x 55 mm FOV
  • Compatible with BioSpec 20 cm and 30 cm USR
  • Compatible with BioSpec Maxwell 30/17, 70/17 and 94/17


The PET Insert is operated by Paravision 360 with the trusted Paravision appearance and workflow allowing MRI users to followfamiliar MR imaging workflows and therefore start obtaining valuable PET/MR data almost immediately. The first system was installed in August 2016 in a 7 Tesla system atthe Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven, Belgium under the guidance of Christophe Deroose, Ph.D., Professor of Nuclear Medicine. Their initial imaging highlights the value of simultaneous PET/MR in studies involving structure/function in both tumor gross anatomy and tumor micro-environment. The potential of multi-parametric analysis, as well as simultaneous brain and cardiac imaging are also demonstrated.  


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