Preclinical Imaging

PMOD Quantification Software

PMOD is a comprehensive set of user-friendly and powerful tools for image processing, analysis and quantification. PMOD is known as the reference tool for PET kinetic modeling, and in fact the tools cover applications from PET/SPECT quantification in oncology/neurology/cardiology, brain atlas workflows, tracer development and more. The PMOD tools form a flexible workbench for analyzing multimodality imaging data from small animals, humans and other species.

Bruker’s Multimodality Image Analysis Toolkit

Current freeware and in-house software typically provide users with limited functionality. This may prove simple to work with when you are getting started, but once you run into the limitations of the tool you will have to learn to use new tools or lose time developing extended functionality.

PMOD brings you tools for basic quantification such as SUV and %ID/cc, all the way to fully quantitative analysis of PET data using kinetic modelling. With over 30 years of experience in quantitative image analysis, PMOD has been cited in nearly 4000 publications since 2013 (>600 in 2021), including many high-impact journals PMOD even includes a flexible Scientific Data Management System to help you structure, track and archive your projects.

Why Choose PMOD?


  • brings a graphical user interface to complex workflows
  • is your workhorse for a broad range of imaging projects
  • is a proven translational tool
  • is your trusted tool for quantitation & publication
  • supports reproducible science
  • keeps your tools up-to-date
  • is here to empower your image analysis

Data Management (SDMS)

The Scientific Data Management System is built into all PMOD licenses as standard. Bring professional power to your research environment with PMOD’s SDMS, giving you centralized and scalable data management. Safe archiving of processed images and all results, plus protocols for reproducible repeat analysis and batch processing enhance your image analysis workflows.


Tutorial Videos

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