3D Cell Culture Imaging

In the last years, 3D cell cultures have gained popularity due to their clear potential to mimic a realistic in vivo tissue in terms of structure, architecture, multi-cellular microenvironments and function. Compared to 2D cultures, they enable scientific research in:

  • Complex cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions
  • Oxygen, nutrient and metabolic waste gradients
  • Differentiated cellular function and morphology
  • Tissue development and evolution and corresponding disorders
  • Gene expression patterns and signaling pathway profiles
  • Long-term experiments and effects of drugs and compounds


Established 3D cell culture systems such as organoids and spheroids have been proven to be valuable tools in applications including disease modeling, cancer research (e.g. tumor biology and host-tumor interactions), drug development and testing, as well as regenerative medicine.

Light-sheet microscopy is the most powerful method to unveil the complex structure and behavior of 3D cell cultures by performing live, fast, long-term and high-resolution imaging with minimal phototoxic effects.

Bruker offers different light-sheet geometries, the Luxendo TruLive3D Imager  and the Luxendo QuVi SPIM. Both are optimized for gentle, long-term 3D cell culture imaging under precisely controlled environmental conditions. Each of the systems offers specific features to best meet your experiment-design requirements.

Pancreatic Sphere

Growth of a hESC-derived pancreatic sphere imaged on the TruLive3D Imager

Courtesy of: Yung Hae Kim, Grapin-Botton Group, MPI-CBG, Dresden, Germany

3D Cell Culture

3D culture system of human primary cells imaged on the QuVi SPIM (330 µm x 220 µm x 1200 µm).

Courtesy of: Yassen Abbas, Turco Lab, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Light-Sheet Microscopy Systems for 3D Cell Culture Imaging

Do you care for your 3D cell cultures and are curious about how they grow and develop and how each cell finds its assigned place and morphology? Our light-sheet technology is the gentlest way to observe spheroids and organoids over everything from a quick shot to long periods lasting several days! Luxendo light-sheet microscopy systems enable high-resolution dual sided-illumination imaging of delicate samples in their native, stable, controlled 3D environment.

TruLive3D Imager

TruLive3D Imager

  • Very long sample holder
  • Multiplexing with up to six compartments with different conditions in one experimental run
  • Simultaneous dual channel acquisition
  • Many more smart unique features are included. Enhance your research!


  • Live sample and cleared sample objectives
  • Dual view and dual detection channels
  • Isotropic resolution
  • Ideal system for screening approaches
  • Dish-based cell assays
  • Many more smart unique features are included. Enhance your research!

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