Raman and Chemical Imaging

Raman imaging is an incredibly effective tool to create detailed chemical images based on a sample’s Raman spectra.

In these images, every pixel is composed of a complete Raman spectrum. By interpretation of this spectral data, a false color image can be rendered to emphasize and characterize the sample’s properties like chemical structure or composition.

The SENTERRA II features comprehensive Raman imaging as well as mapping capabilities, to analyze and generate chemical images. Meanwhile, the intelligent software supports you when needed and saves a time consuming and overcomplex interface for setting parameters.
Our data acquisition was designed to be as efficient as possible and in combination with the precise sample stage Raman images are produced in a matter of seconds, even with a lateral resolution (XY) in the sub-micrometer range.


OPUS Packages: OPUS/3D (Chemical Imaging)

Afterwards you interpret the data quickly and easily with Bruker’s intuitive and clear software. With just a few mouse-clicks you compare your data with our extensive spectral libraries and identify unknown substances within seconds.

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Painkiller tablet and magnification (left) and corresponding Raman images (right).

The advantages of SENTERRA II in Raman imaging at a glance:

  • The device is always calibrated by SureCALTM – no additional measurements needed
  • Full automation – and the quickest laser exchange possible
  • Software assisted measurements – Quick. Easy. Reliable
  • Full compliance to good practices (GxP, GMP, …) and FDA 21 CFR part 11

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