Bruker offers a complete hardware and software accessory package for NMR imaging which can be easily added to existing AVANCE spectrometers with standard bore (52 mm), wide bore (89 mm), or super wide bore (154 mm) magnets. This accessory provides researchers with unique, non-destructive NMR capabilities for imaging and spatially resolved spectroscopy up to very high magnetic fields and with resolution in the mm to µm range for small samples.

The newest generation of micro-imaging accessories contains both new hardware and a software package which together make up a user-friendly routine imaging package. Much of the input for recent developments came from research applications, which today have a large number of users and applications. For the development of new experiments, the user has direct access to the complete set of parameters that control both the hard and the software. Tools for easy implementation of n-dimensional experiments exist and new experiments can easily be tranferred into the routine package.

Microimaging Probes

Imaging probes feature exchangeable rf coils in various diameters for single or dual frequency 1H and X-nucleus applications.


Bruker micro-imaging hardware is flexible and powerful, satisfying the requirements of new methods and new types of objects in imaging, localized spectroscopy and diffusion investigations. more


ParaVision® is a sophisticated software package for the acquisition of multidimensional MR data, as well as its reconstruction, visualization, and analysis. This basic software package is supplemented by several extension packages which offer additional experimental techniques or post-processing algorithms. more