Key Technologies

Advanced Active Shielding

Our approach to the technology to minimize stray field is based upon the principle of active shielding and other patented key features. The result is an optimized system producing minimum stray field levels together with several other benefits resulting from this technique. The overall performance of our UltraShield and UltraShield Plus magnets is second to none.


Our active cooling refrigeration technology has enabled us to design and build Nitrogen-free compact superconducting magnets with very low Helium losses. The successful combination of our innovative active shielding and refrigeration technologies has enabled us to develop a complete product line of UltraShield Refrigerated (USR) magnets for animal research MRI and FTMS applications. Our USR magnets have a proven record of reliability and convenience testified by customers who are relieved of the worry associated with refilling cryogens.


Reducing the operating temperature of the superconducting material is essential to achieve the highest possible field strength. UltraStabilized is the name we give to our proprietary technology for sub-cooled NMR magnets that ensures an extremely stable sub-cooling process combining safety with high reliability without the requirement for operator intervention. Our UltraStabilized technology also has an unequalled track record at customer laboratories throughout the world.

Advanced screening against external electromagnetic field disturbances

Our Electromagnetic Disturbance Suppression (EDS) technology achieves the highest level of shielding performance by simultaneously reducing the stray field and the influence upon magnet stability of external electromagnetic field disturbances.