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PeakForce Tapping - How AFM Should Be

Bruker’s exclusive PeakForce Tapping® is the most significant scientific breakthrough in atomic force microscope (AFM) technology since the introduction of TappingMode™. It provides unprecedented high-resolution imaging, extends AFM measurements into a range of samples not previously accessed, and uniquely enables simultaneous nanoscale property mapping.

Highest resolution imaging

PeakForce Tapping enables the researcher to precisely control probe-to-sample interaction, providing the lowest available imaging forces. This superior force control results in the most consistent, highest resolution AFM imaging for the widest range of sample types, from the softest biological samples to very hard materials. PeakForce Tapping routinely resolves subunits in individual molecules, the kind of resolution that used to be thought of as only possible with scanning tunneling microscopy (STM).

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High resolution AFM image Wael HOURANI 2

Resolving submolecular detail in a monolayer of oligo(para-phenylene) shows how alkyl-chain packing drives self-assembly. 20nm image with 0.2nm Z-scale. Using PeakForce Tapping on Dimension Icon. Courtesy of Wael Hourani, Universite Bourgogne Franche-Comte, CNRS, France.

Opterra II Live-Cell Imaging

Unique, quantitative results, whatever you measure

PeakForce Tapping’s piconewton (pN) force sensitivity simultaneously and uniquely combines the highest resolution AFM imaging with quantitative, nanoscale electrical, mechanical, biological, and chemical property mapping, enabling researchers of all experience levels to make new discoveries.

Easy to use, making every user an AFM expert

PeakForce Tapping’s linear force control provides the user with unmatched AFM ease of use with the intelligent ScanAsyst® image optimization software, and the low forces preserve the probe shape for longer life and more consistent imaging.