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PeakForce Tapping - Enabling New Discoveries

In PeakForce Tapping, the probe periodically taps the sample and the pN-level interaction force is measured directly by the deflection of the cantilever. A real feedback loop (not force trigger) keeps the peak force down to 10 pN at actuation rates up to 8 kHz, in air and fluid.

PeakForce Tapping is ideal for both materials research and biological samples due to its unprecedented low imaging forces and ease of use. No cantilever tuning is necessary. The superior force control maintains tip and sample integrity, leading to consistently accurate and high-resolution measurements of even the smallest structures, from atomic defects to double helix DNA.

The greatest power of PeakForce Tapping technology, however, comes from its ability to simultaneously enable and enhance other correlative and quantitative mapping techniques. It provides new mechanical, electrical, and chemical information on previously inaccessible samples and delivers new possibilities spanning from soft matter to perovskites and energy research.

“Thanks to PeakForce QNM, we were able to rapidly obtain pertinent information on the mechanical properties of very soft and sticky polymer materials, such as bioadhesives or adaptive hydrogels, that other classical SPM techniques were not able to provide.”

– Philipe Leclère et. al., University of Mons (UMONS), Belgium

The adoption rate of PeakForce Tapping has surpassed even that of TappingMode, with over 4,000 publications in the ten years since its release. This includes over 2000 publications using PeakForce QNM and more than 400 using PeakForce electrical modes. That is more than one PeakForce Tapping article every day, for 10 years!

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