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Heated Tip AFM (HT AFM)

With our Heated Tip AFM (HT-AFM) mode, you can use your favorite AFM imaging modes with our proprietary thermal probes that enable you to get thermal information simultaneously with the other information that you get from normal AFM operation. The Heated Tip AFM technique can be used in conjunction with the following AFM modes:

  • Tapping
  • Contact Imaging
  • Force Curves
  • Force Volume Imaging
  • Pulsed Force Mode

As you can see the applicability is vast. Our collaborators have recently applied this technique to Energetic Materials and to Membrane Nanocomposites. Please contact us to see how you can apply this technique to your application.


PS/PP Blend, 3 um x 1.5 um Scan, tip heated up to 250º C and back to room temperature