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PolySNAP Software

High-Throughput XRD Data Analysis for Research, Development and Production Control

PolySNAP is a general-purpose suite of cluster analysis and visualisation tools that can be used on many types of 1D spectroscopic or diffraction data (PXRD, IR, NMR, Raman etc.) as well as raw numeric data (e.g. melting points), or even 3D geometric structural information.

The powerful cluster analysis tools and clean, elegant and informative graphic displays allow for high-throughput analysis of any kind of numeric data, and make getting a handle on your datasets – large or small – a pleasure.

PolySNAP allows up to four different datasets to be analysed simultaneously (or a single dataset with up to four different processing options). Uniquely, it can also combine the results from individual datasets to show the overall picture of what’s going on.

Glasgow University Logo
Glasgow University Logo

PolySNAP is developed at the University of Glasgow, and exclusively distributed by Bruker AXS.


  • Phase identification
  • Pass / fail analysis
  • Similarity analysis
  • Automatic mixture detection
  • Automatic amorphous phase detection
  • Quantitative analysis of mixtures
  • Quality Control
  • Polymorph / Salt Screening systems
  • On-line / Off-line sample analysis

More info

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