2D Material Characterization Using Photothermal AFM-IR and s-SNOM

Learn about two complementary nanoscale IR spectroscopy and imaging techniques, photothermal AFM-IR and s-SNOM.

This webinar covers the applications of photothermal AFM-IR and s-SNOM in 2D materials. Physical phenomena such as surface plasmon polaritons and surface phonon polaritons in 2D materials, with their high spatial confinement, can open new opportunities for novel photonic devices through a non-invasive near-field light-matter interaction. s-SNOM provides a unique way to selectively excite and locally detect electronic and vibrational resonances in real space.


Dr. Anirban Roy

Senior Applications Scientist

Cassandra Phillips

Sales Applications Scientist

Dr. Honghua Yang

Staff Engineer

Dr. Qichi Hu

Senior Applications Scientist