Nanomechanical Test Instrument

Hysitron IntraSpect 90

Nanoindentation system optimized for Raman microscopes

Hysitron IntraSpect 90

Bruker’s Hysitron IntraSpect 90 is an in-situ indentation system specifically designed to correlate physiochemical changes during deformation. This system integrates with existing microscopes to enable simultaneous Raman characterization during small-scale indentation, tension, compression, or bend testing.

nanoscale-to-microscale mechanical testing
Provides up to 500 mN of force and 150 μm of displacement with unsurpassed noise floors.
design with high-rigidity load frame
Easily mounts on the stage of an existing optical or Raman microscope.
PTP sample mount
Allows uniaxial tensile testing of fibers, wires, and other sample geometries with synchronized Raman mapping.
Testing Modes

Indentation, Tensile, Compression, Bend

Indentation Testing

Using the 3-axis sample positioning stages, the sample is positioned appropriately beneath a pyramidal-shaped diamond probe such that the Raman laser source can be focused directly on the contact zone at an angle of 90°. This allows for the direct observation of pressure-induced phase transformations, amorphization, and molecular re-arrangements occurring beneath the contact point during traditional nanoindentation testing.

Tensile Testing

A micro Push-to-Pull (PTP) device provides means for applying uniaxial tension forces to small-scale fibers, films, and 2D materials in combination with Raman spectroscopy. Stress and strain values can be easily obtained from the raw force and displacement output of the system and correlated to structural changes within the material.

Compression Testing

Stress is applied to microscale pillars, particles, and other small-scale structures using a flattened diamond probe. The microstructural origins of deformation behavior and strength are dynamically observed to inform the next generation of advanced engineered materials.

Bend Testing

Elastic and fracture properties of micro-cantilevered and clamped beam specimens can be measured with bend testing. Simultaneous optical imaging enables direct observation of fracture initiation and subsequent propagation through a sample.

Transform Your Raman Microscope into a Mechanical Testing Platform

Thanks to a compact design, the Hysitron IntraSpect 90 easily mounts on the stage of an existing optical or Raman microscope. An extended sample mount provides clearance for the objective lens to easily access the deformation zone; and locking sample stages provide sample positioning while minimizing sample shift during testing.

Understand the Evolution of Deformation

Synchronized mechanical and imaging data during a bending test on a crystalline sample. Mechanical phenomena, such as fracture, can be easily captured and analyzed with both pieces of information.

Bruker’s unique transducer design provides up to 500 mN of force and 150 μm of displacement with unsurpassed noise floors for truly quantitative nanoscale-to-microscale mechanical testing under simultaneous Raman observation. The mechanical data can also be synchronized to the real-time optical imaging in the TriboScan analysis software to give a more complete understanding of the evolution of deformation.

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