XTrace 2 - The X-Ray Source for micro-XRF on SEM

X-ray tube power
Reduce your acquisition time with high-power X-ray generation
Aperture Management System
Scan topographic samples with an enhanced depth of field, and choose between 6 filters for further background reduction and increased trace element detection 
Source Insertion and Retraction Mode
Automatically and safely insert and retract the X-ray optic source

XTrace 2 - The Latest X-Ray Source for Scanning Electron Microscopes

Analyze light and heavy elements quickly with high energy X-rays! 

Determine small peaks in complex samples via selection of up to 6 filters! 

Scan topographic samples using a patented Aperture Management System!  

Accurately analyze powders via large spot size measurements! 

Automate your analysis process with motorized source insertion and retraction! 

XTrace 2 - Advanced X-Ray Source for micro-XRF on SEM

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