Ultrafast ForeScatter Electron (FSE) and BackScatter Electron (BSE) Imaging of EBSD Samples

The best image quality only with ARGUS system

ARGUS imaging system combines an ingenious idea [A.P. Day et all] with ultra-high quality silicon diodes and Bruker’s unrivalled signal processing technology to deliver FSE and BSE images with unmatched quality and detail. Here are the major features making ARGUS the best solution available today:

  • FSE - Brilliant false color orientation contrast imaging
  • BSE - High quality “average z-number”, also known as “phase contrast” imaging
  • Imaging at speeds of up to 125,000 pixels/second
  • Fast and fully automatic signal optimization in ESPRIT software
  • Signal amplification electronics are fully integrated in the EBSD detector, i.e. no external boxes
  • User replaceable diodes
ARGUS imaging system
Phase contrast in a cross-section BSE image of the thermal barrier coating on a turbine blade
Orientation contrast in Additively Manufactured (AM) stainless steel

The ARGUS specs described above combine with various ESPRIT software features to deliver powerful benefits for various types of applications. Here are just a few examples:

  • Time Resolved visualization of samples during in-situ experiments, e.g. in-situ tensile and compression testing – ESPRIT TRM feature
  • Accurate drift correction during EBSD mapping – ESPRIT Drift Correction feature
  • Alternative to very fast EBSD mapping – Rapid EBSD feature
  • Visualization of very low orientation changes and magnetic domains in crystals

Application Examples

For more details on the benefits provided by ARGUS imaging system and application examples check out our image gallery below or related videos on our Bruker Nano Analytics YouTube channel.