STEM in SEM Capabilities with Built-in ARGUS Imaging System

ARGUS the All-Seeing Mythical Giant is Back

Like its predecessor, OPTIMUS 2 detector head has been designed with built-in ARGUSTM system to provide STEM in SEM imaging capabilities. With three Si diodes at its front edge and one Si diode at the center of its screen, OPTIMUS 2 provides:

  • Dark Field (DF)-like imaging
  • Bright Field (BF)-like imaging while in TKD mapping position
  • Imaging at speeds of up to 125,000 pixels/sec
  • Fully automatic signal optimization to create images with unequalled quality and detail

The new BF-like imaging capability is particularly useful for drift correction during mapping as well as for near real-time visualization of samples during dynamic experiments like in-situ tensile testing, heating, and electrical biasing of electron transparent samples.

2.8 Mpixel DF-like image (left) and zoomed view of highlighted area of a 20 nm gold film deposited on amorphous Si₃N₄ membrane showing sub-10 nm annealing twins. Image was acquired in 66 seconds using a probe current of 800 pA and an accelerating voltage of 30 kV. Scale bars in the main image and zoomed view image represent 400 nm and 50 nm.